Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency and Soil

In many parts of the country, many of us have already started thinking about watering or irrigating our yards. Where I live the summers can get rather hot and the skies can stay dry for a few months on end.Where hand watering lead to in-ground sprinkling systems primarily due to convenience, we are all becoming […]

The Brilliance of Pumice

Using the word “brilliant” to describe pumice might lend to people thinking it is a shiny rock. Those of you who have ever seen or touched pumice know it is anything but shiny. But what I am meaning is that I find pumice impressively brilliant, or in other words, “smart” as a soil amendment.As a kid […]

10 Tips For Buying Great Potting Soil

Many people are confused about what is the best potting soil when buying garden soil for their gardens, outdoors or indoors. I know when I’ve been at the store I can find myself in a conundrum about what bag of soil to buy when faced with a multitude of brands and often several types within […]