Starting Seeds And Cuttings

Spring Surprises

I know we’re nearing the end of summer but as I harvest flowers and vegetables (mostly oh so many tomatoes – 14 large ones and over 40 cherries yesterday alone) and still a few ever-bearing strawberries, I think back to the beginning of the season when a few spectacular flowers appeared in my gardens for […]

Fun in Making of Soil Blocks

Before we get too much further into the season, at least up north here, it’s fun to talk about soil blocks.  Soil blocks are gaining in popularity with home gardeners.  Since I talked about starting seeds last week and how seed starting mixes work and and how they are designed, it is worth talking about […]

Getting Started with Starting Seeds

Many Ways to Start Seeds – From Simple To Complex or Fancy While some started weeks ago, many gardeners are in full swing planting seeds.  Of course, this all depends in what climate zone you live in and what you want to grow. Living in the Pacific Northwest I sometimes forget a large part of the […]