Growing Edibles

The Right Time For Worm Castings

A couple weeks ago at a nearby outdoor growers market a woman I was talking to stated that, “we wouldn’t be alive without worms”.  I chuckled thinking that was an interesting thought and perhaps a bit exaggerated. But then a few seconds later quickly agreed with her. Worms are essential for growing things in all […]

Fun in Making of Soil Blocks

Before we get too much further into the season, at least up north here, it’s fun to talk about soil blocks.  Soil blocks are gaining in popularity with home gardeners.  Since I talked about starting seeds last week and how seed starting mixes work and and how they are designed, it is worth talking about […]

Getting Started with Starting Seeds

Many Ways to Start Seeds – From Simple To Complex or Fancy While some started weeks ago, many gardeners are in full swing planting seeds.  Of course, this all depends in what climate zone you live in and what you want to grow. Living in the Pacific Northwest I sometimes forget a large part of the […]

10 Tips For Buying Great Potting Soil

Many people are confused about what is the best potting soil when buying garden soil for their gardens, outdoors or indoors. I know when I’ve been at the store I can find myself in a conundrum about what bag of soil to buy when faced with a multitude of brands and often several types within […]

What Compost Is (and isn’t)

We often hear various definitions about what compost is and more so, what exactly it does. On one hand, there is general agreement that compost is decayed organic matter. And, nearly all gardeners and farmers agree that compost is desired and used for the purpose of amending soil to create better growing results. Here is […]