More ways to expand your Small Space Gardening experience

Spring is here!

It is time to start planting!  Depending upon your location and weather, you may need to start inside, but Spring is here and Summer is coming soon.

Maybe this is the year that you expand your gardening projects. Like a second round of new years’ resolutions.  Here are some “starter” ideas:

  1. More: For some this will mean “more”, as in more pots, more plants, or more variety.
  2. Different: For others this will mean “different”, as in different from last year, different from friends and family, or just different from the regular stuff you get at the local nursery or store. You can make it unique in size, color or species.
  3. Quality: It could also mean a “qualitative” shift, as in special heirloom seeds, fine organic soil mixes, natural soil amendments, maybe nice planter boxes, or some new high end garden tools.

Whatever your interest and budget, we encourage you to set yourself up to have a better garden story this year. In addition to growing healthy plants and generating a bountiful harvest, this also means enjoying the process of working in the garden. A little planning can create a more comfortable and efficient space. A thoughtful selection of seeds and plants (especially smaller varieties) can keep the plants manageable, in smaller spaces, throughout the summer. A good organic potting soil mix can be just right for a wide variety of plants and avoids the challenge of storing lots of partial bags of soil ingredients. Maybe it is not a requirement, but as we try to do more in less space, it is really nice to also have some high grade planter boxes and garden tools. Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed

Hopefully we can help with a few of the high quality components for your gardening projects. Hint; a great start would be a batch of good soil, also known as Premium Potting Soil.


Whatever you do, we want to encourage you to enjoy making a good gardening story and then enjoy it again when you share it.

In future blog posts we will follow the growing season with information on planning, soils, seeds and planting, containers, soil amendments, etc.

Thanks for dropping in.  Hope to see you here again soon, Green Planet Naturals Team.

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