Month: May 2013

What’s In The Bag?  About Organic Gardening Soil

For most of us that prefer to buy organically grown food, we first think that the food hasn’t been sprayed or the animals we may be eating ate food that wasn’t sprayed with harmful chemicals. That is a great start but not where it all “starts”.  Certified organic food is grown from organically produced seeds […]

Water Efficiency and Soil

In many parts of the country, many of us have already started thinking about watering or irrigating our yards. Where I live the summers can get rather hot and the skies can stay dry for a few months on end.Where hand watering lead to in-ground sprinkling systems primarily due to convenience, we are all becoming […]

Fun in Making of Soil Blocks

Before we get too much further into the season, at least up north here, it’s fun to talk about soil blocks.  Soil blocks are gaining in popularity with home gardeners.  Since I talked about starting seeds last week and how seed starting mixes work and and how they are designed, it is worth talking about […]